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How beautiful is Life

2 years ago

life sometime

Life is a long journey sumup with happiness, sarrow,struggle and hardwork. Life sometimes gets really tough. Though trying so hard it won't be easy to get back to normal. Certainly we loose our control and confident but this doesnot show we are week. We are a human beings, we can flatter and we will have ups and down. With each passing day now and then we will gain the courage to stand again.

2 years ago

lets live life......

Simply, we want many things from our life. Life sometime it is tough while sometime it is easy. Often we overthink about life and holds many expectation. Doing this we don't realize but actually we forget to live. Let's just spend the best moment we can,let's just leave our worries for a second and smile,let's  just do the things we want from heart.Here we will find  the immense pleasure and again we will began to live. 

2 years ago

Bless with life.......

How bless i am i have life,how bless i am to be alive. This life is really a great journey and we eagerly await now what next???Always we don't get the things we wanted in life and it teach us to compromise. When there is saddness in simple happiness we are satisfied. Things may go wrong but in the corner of heart every individual have hope that it's not for long. Memories fade away, what we cherish it goes away and life often leads us to a new way. 

2 years ago


Life simply goes on and on ......... no matter what. Time plays the great role in everyone's life. Sometime we want to get hold in the best moment but we cann't and sometime we want to let go time so fast but it won't. In life it's always the people and event that goes away with each passing time and its only the memory of time that comes alive.

2 years ago

what life meant to be

life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived. life is the best thing we are blessed with. Thinking about life many more things pass to our head. From the childhood days  upto now we must had our wishes, dream, and expectation. But lets drop the wishes we have, drop the dream we want to fullfill and drop the expectation we hold. We need to live our life to the fullest we never know what happens tomorrow..............

2 years ago

life is.....

Life is not always as one has in mind. There is always ups and down. There is happiness and saddness. But often saddness tends to remain longlast than happiness. This is what life meant to be. Struggling hard to get things done, rushing in everyday life for every second and wishing for each dream to come true. Life becomes easy if we lived it and it becomes complex if we overthink about it. So, we must know what our life is and how beautiful is it..............